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45.Mechanical Properties of Polydiacetylene Multilayers Studied by AFM Force Spectroscopy 
Zheng, J.; Galluzzi, M.; Sugihara, K.*
J Phys Chem B, DOI:10.1021/acs.jpcb.4c02128


44.Dual Friction Force/Fluorescence Microscopy (Invited Tutorial)
Zheng, J.; Das, B.; Sugihara, K.*
Anal. Chem. 2023 DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.3c04625
43.Nanoscopic force sensitivity of polydiacetylene 2D layered composites with guest molecules
Das, B.; Shioda, N.; Yagi, S.; Oaki, Y.; Sugihara, K.*
Adv Mater Interfaces 2023 DOI: 10.1002/admi.202300745
42.Dual nano-friction force  microscopy/fluorescence microscopy imaging reveals the enhanced force sensitivity of polydiacetylene by pH and NaCl
Zheng, J.; Jo, S.; Chen, J.; Das, B.; Juhasz, L.; Cabral, H.; Sugihara, K.*
Anal. Chem. 2023, 95 (30), 11335–11341.
41.The role of lipid composition in the antimicrobial peptide double cooperative effect
Hou, Y.; Sugihara, K.*
Langmuir 2023, 39 (24), 8441–8449.
40.Development of a desktop mask charger
Ikawa, T.; Fujita, K.; Kiuchi, S.; Li, M.; Kushima, A.; Takase, H.; Das, B.; Morita, M.; Todo, H.; Pennington, M.; Sugihara, K.*
Heliyon 2023, 9 (4), e15359.
39.Colorimetric response in polydiacetylene at the single domain level using hyperspectral microscopy
Chen, J.; Zheng, J.; Hou, Y.; Sugihara, K.*
Chem Commun 2023, 59 (25), 3743-3746.


38.Recent progress in polydiacetylene mechanochromism (invited Review)
Das, B.; Jo, S.; Zheng, J.; Chen, J.; Sugihara, K.*
Nanoscale 2022, 14, 1670-1678.


37.Flipper Probes for the Community
Assies, L.; Garcia-Calvo, J.; Piazzolla, F.; Sanchez, S.; Kato, T.; Reymond, L.; Goujon, A.; Colom, A.; Lopez-Andarias, J.; Strakova, K.; Mahecic, D.; Mercier, V.; Riggi, M.; Jimenez-Rojo, N.; Roffay, C.; Licari, G.; Tsemperouli, M.; Neuhaus, F.; Furstenberg, A.; Vauthey, E.; Hoogendoorn, S.; Gonzalez-Gaitan, M.; Zumbuehl, A.; Sugihara, K.; Gruenberg, J.; Riezman, H.; Loewith, R.; Manley, S.; Roux, A.; Winssinger, N.; Sakai, N.; Pitsch, S.; Matile, S.
J Chimia (Aarau) 2021, 75 (12), 1004-1011.
36.Analysis of PDA dose curves for the extraction of antimicrobial peptide properties
Zhao, J.; Sugihara, K.*
J Phys Chem B 2021, 125 (44), 12206–12213.
35.Lipid nanotubes as an organic template for the fabrication of carbon nanostructures by pyrolysis
Jajcevic, K.; Sequeira, A. M.; Kalbacova, J. ;Zahn D.R.T.; Sugihara, K.*
Nanoscale 2021, 13, 6927-6933.
34.Quantitative and anisotropic mechanochromism of polydiacetylene at nanoscale
Juhasz, L.; Ortuso, D. R.; Sugihara, K.*
Nano Lett 2021, 21 (1), 543-549.
33.Recharging N95 masks by van de Graaff generator for safe recycling
Sugihara, K.*
Soft Matter 2021, 17 (1), 10-15.


32.Cooperative function of LL-37 and HNP1 protects mammalian cell membranes from lysis and reduces cytotoxicity
Drab, E.; Sugihara, K.*
Biophysical Journal 2020119 (12), 2440-2450.
31.The mechanism of polydiacetylene blue-to-red transformation induced by antimicrobial peptides
Nuck, J.; Sugihara, K.*
Macromolecules 2020, 53 (15), 6469-6475.
30.Lipid nanotubes as an organic template for an electrically-conductive gold nanostructure network
Jajcevic, K.; Sugihara, K.*
J Phys Chem B 2020, 124 (27), 5761-5769.
2007 – 2019
29. Black lipid membranes: challenges in simultaneous quantitative characterization by electrophysiology and fluorescence microscopy
Tsemperouli, M.; Amstad, E.; Sakai, N.; Matile, S.; Sugihara, K.*
Langmuir 2019, 35 (26), 8748-8757.
28. The deconvolution analysis of ATR-FTIR spectra of diacetylene during UV exposure
Ortuso, R. D.; Ricardi, N.; Burgi, T.; Wesolowski, T. A.; Sugihara, K.*
Spectrochim. Acta. A. Mol. Biomol. Spectrosc. 2019, 219, 23-32.
27. Anion transport with pnictogen bonds in direct comparison with chalcogen and halogen bonds
Lee, L. M.; Tsemperouli, M.; Poblador-Bahamonde, A. I.; Benz, S.; Sakai, N.; Sugihara, K.*; Matile, S.*
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019, 141 (2), 810-814.
26. Effect of the nonspecific binding in differential impedance biosensing
Buff, M.; Drab, E.; Sugihara, K.*
Biointerphases 2019, 14 (1), 011004.
25. Characterization of di-4-ANEPPS with nano-black lipid membranes
Tsemperouli, M.; Sugihara, K.*
Nanoscale 2018, 10 (3), 1090-1098.
24. Detailed study on the failure of the wedge calibration method at nanonewton setpoints for friction force microscopy
Ortuso, R. D.; Sugihara, K.*
J Phys Chem C 2018, 122 (21), 11464-11474.
23. Mechanosensitive oligodithienothiophenes: transmembrane anion transport along chalcogen-bonding cascades
Macchione, M.; Tsemperouli, M.; Goujon, A.; Mallia, A. R.; Sakai, N.; Sugihara, K.; Matile, S.
Helv. Chim. Acta 2018, 101 (4).
22. 2018 International symposium on chemical biology of the NCCR Chemical Biology campus biotech, Geneva 10.-12.01.2018 (Conference Report)
Kruse, K.; Sugihara, K.*
Chimia 2018, 72 (3), 160-164.
21. Mechanosensitivity of polydiacetylene with a phosphocholine headgroup
Ortuso, R. D.; Cataldi, U.; Sugihara, K.*
Soft Matter 2017, 13 (8), 1728-1736.
20. Artificial tubular connections between cells based on synthetic lipid nanotubes
Kozintsev, A.; Sugihara, K.*
Rsc Adv 2017, 7 (33), 20700-20708.
19. Self-assembled lipid structures as model systems for studying electrical and mechanical properties of cell membranes (Invited Review)
Sugihara, K.*
Chimia 2016, 70 (11), 805-809.
18. Gold nanowire fabrication with surface-attached lipid nanotube templates
Jajcevic, K.; Chami, M.; Sugihara, K.*
Small 2016, 12 (35), 4830-4836.
17. Combined electrical and optical characterization of polydiacetylene
Girard-Reydet, C.; Ortuso, R. D.; Tsemperouli, M.; Sugihara, K.*
J Phys Chem B 2016, 120 (14), 3511-5.
16. Freely drawn single lipid nanotube patterns
Sugihara, K.*; Rustom, A.; Spatz, J. P.
Soft Matter 2015, 11 (10), 2029-2035.
15. Artificial bacterial flagella for remote-controlled targeted single-cell drug delivery
Mhanna, R.; Qiu, F. M.; Zhang, L.; Ding, Y.; Sugihara, K.; Zenobi-Wong, M.; Nelson, B. J.
Small 2014, 10 (10), 1953-1957.
14. Label-free detection of cell-contractile activity with lipid nanotubes
Sugihara, K.; Delai, M.; Mahnna, R.; Kusch, J.; Poulikakos, D.; Voros, J.; Zambelli, T.; Ferrari, A.
Integrative biology : quantitative biosciences from nano to macro 2013, 5 (2), 423-30.
13. Switching transport through nanopores with ph-responsive polymer brushes for controlled ion permeability
de Groot, G. W.; Santonicola, M. G.; Sugihara, K.; Zambelli, T.; Reimhult, E.; Voros, J.; Vancso, G. J.
Acs Appl Mater Inter 2013, 5 (4), 1400-1407.
12. Electrically induced lipid migration in non-lamellar phase
Sugihara, K.*; Stucki, J.; Isa, L.; Vörös, J.; Zambelli, T.
J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2012, 386 (1), 421-427.
11. A universal method for planar lipid bilayer formation by freeze and thaw
Sugihara, K.*; Jang, B.; Schneider, M.; Voros, J.; Zambelli, T.
Soft Matter 2012, 8 (20), 5525-5531.
10. Simultaneous OWLS and EIS monitoring of supported lipid bilayers with the pore forming peptide melittin
Sugihara, K.*; Delai, M.; Szendro, I.; Guillaume-Gentil, O.; Vörös, J.; Zambelli, T.
Sens. Actuators, B 2012, 161 (1), 600-606.
9. Directed self-assembly of lipid nanotubes from inverted hexagonal structures
Sugihara, K.*; Chami, M.; Derenyi, I.; Voros, J.; Zambelli, T.
ACS nano 2012, 6 (8), 6626-32.
8. Electrochemical plasmonic sensors (Review)
Dahlin, A.; Dielacher, B.; Rajendran, P.; Sugihara, K.; Sannomiya, T.; Zenobi-Wong, M.; Vörös, J.
Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 2012, 402 (5), 1773-1784.
7. Techniques for recording reconstituted ion channels (Review)
Demarche, S.; Sugihara, K.; Zambelli, T.; Tiefenauer, L.; Voros, J.
Analyst 2011, 136 (6).
6. The resistance of polyelectrolyte multilayers in a free-hanging configuration
Sugihara, K.*; Vörös, J.; Zambelli, T.
J. Phys. Chem. B 2010, 114 (44), 13982-13987.
5. A gigaseal obtained with a self-assembled long-lifetime lipid bilayer on a single polyelectrolyte multilayer-filled nanopore
Sugihara, K.; Vörös, J.; Zambelli, T.
ACS nano 2010, 4 (9), 5047-5054.
4. Liposome and lipid bilayer arrays towards biosensing applications (Review)
Bally, M.; Bailey, K.; Sugihara, K.; Grieshaber, D.; Vörös, J.; Städler, B.
Small 2010, 6 (22), 2481-2497.
3. Valley-splitting edge-channel transport in a Si/SiGe quantum Hall system
Sugihara, K.; Hamaya, K.; Kawamura, M.; Sawano, K.; Shiraki, Y.; Machida, T.
Physica E 2008, 40 (5), 1523-1525.
2. Electrical polarization of nuclear spins in a breakdown regime of quantum Hall effect
Kawamura, M.; Takahashi, H.; Sugihara, K.; Masubuchi, S.; Hamaya, K.; Machida, T.
Appl. Phys. Lett. 2007, 90 (2), 022102.
1. Spin-dependent nonlocal resistance in a Si/SiGe quantum Hall conductor
Hamaya, K.; Sugihara, K.; Takahashi, H.; Masubuchi, S.; Kawamura, M.; Machida, T.; Sawano, K.; Shiraki, Y.
Phys Rev B 2007, 75 (3), 033307.


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